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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Now Released on Browser, PC Windows, iPhone and iPad

The world's most devilishly addictive defense game is back - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers!

Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes to a pulp. (Don't worry, we've still got all the good ol' stuff from the last game, too. It's vintage now.)

New Towers in Frontiers

The base towers in Frontiers will remain the same (those being Barracks for foot soldiers, Archers for bowmen, Wizard for mages, and Artillery for explosives. The new towers are introduced by upgrading the original ones. The new towers are:

Barracks - Assassin's Guild

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Barracks: Assasins Guild

Produces assassins that ambush enemies from being invisible. They can also be upgraded to rob enemies of money, a dodge and counter strike move and a special attack.

Barracks - Knights Templar

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Barracks: Knights Templar

Very defense minded soldiers who are similar to the Holy Knights of the Holy Order Castle in Kingdom Rush. You can upgrade these further to increase their health, a chance to awaken when killed and a critical hit chance.

Archers - Crossbow Fort

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Archers: Crossbow Fort

Produces crossbow men with an acute aim and excellent firing speed. Can be upgraded to shoot faster and secondly a falcon appears that increases the towers range as well as other towers in the area.

Archers - Windwalkers Totem

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Archers: Windwalkers Totem

Produces axe throwing tribesmen with the axes having the chance to stun your enemies - they are less powerful than the crossbow archers but their stun means they will prove to be an excellent 'hold up' tower to buy you time when enemy waves get heavy. Can be upgraded so that when enemies are hit by the axes they can be susceptible to increased damage from other attacks. They can also dispell magic within a given area rendering enemy mages useless! (very handy!)

Wizard - Necromancer Tower

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Wizard: Necromancer Tower

Produces necromancers with the ability to kill your enemies and turn them into the undead to fight on your side. Can be upgraded to create a plague like cloud that will slowly damage enemies. Secondly you can summon a death rider who will attack enemies and increase the strength of your undead army.

Wizard - Archmage Tower

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Wizard: Archmage Tower

Produces mages who can conserve their power when things are quiet and then unleash deadly lightning bolts upon your enemies. Bolts have the ability to travel through several enemies should the first target perish easily. Can be upgraded so that when enemies die they explode and cause further damage to others within their area. Secondly the tower can create a tornado that will moe down a line of enemies.

Artillery - Battle-Mecha T-200

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Artillery: Battle-Mecha T-200

A tower that launches a mobile mech that fires explosive artillery. Can be upgraded to spill oil and slow down enemies and to fire long range missiles.

Artillery - DWAARP

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Towers: Artillery: DWAARP

The Drilling Weaponized Auto-Attack Rumble Platform (DWAARP) creates earthquakes to damage nearby enemies. It can be upgraded to produce fire damage and to deliver a special one hit kill attack.

New Heroes

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: The New Heroes

Kingdom Rush Frontiers will feature plenty of new heroes including a few freebie ones. Alric the Warrior, Mirage the Assassin and Cronan the Beastmaster are some examples. All heroes can be gradually upraded throughout your progress in Frontiers and will feature various stats to focus on.

Alric the Warrior

Alric is a great warrior of Hammerhold. He strikes enemies with lightning speed and calls upon the warrior spirits from the desert to help him. Alric's upgradeable skills include Swordsmanship, Better Armor, Toughness, Flurry and Sand Warriors.

Mirage the Assassin

A legendary assassin of the order, Mirage has sworn her daggers and her unorthodox but effective tactics to the protection of Hammerhold and the forces of good. Mirage's upgradeable skills include Precision, Shadow Dodge, Swiftness, Shadow Dance and Lethal Strike.

Cronan the Beastmaster

A son of the wild, a king of the jungle! He has fought on every terrain known to man, his whip has tamed beast and man alike, and with him comes the unstoppable wrath of nature. Cronans upgradeable skills include Boarmaster, Stampede, Falconer, Deep Lashes and Regeneration.

We will update this page as soon as we know their plans.

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