Kingdom Rush 2: The Curse of Blackburn Castle Game

Kingdom Rush 2: The Curse of Blackburn Castle Game

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The Curse of Castle Blackburn is Given the Green Light of Approval on Steam!

It's been a fair while since Iron Hide Studios submitted their new version of Kingdom Rush to published on Steam. Seeking Green Light approval it has taken a considerable amount of votes from Fans to finally achieve their highly sort 'Green Light' Status. Now we can only hope Kingdom Rush 2 and 'The Curse of Castle Blackburn' will be fully realised by Iron Hide.

New Features

This version of the game will feature a new undead campaign that according to the main guy will increase the original game's content by '50%'. It will feature a new terrain, new enemies, boss fights and specials.

It seems clear from the video that much of the same terrain, units, towers etc will be used again on top of the undead campaign but the game should feature a great deal of additional content using the ideas from the first game in addition to this undead campaign - which justifies Iron Hide's request to distribute Kingdom Rush 2 through Steam. We can only hope Iron Hide deliver plenty of new content to satisfy Kingdom Rush fans. You can catch the latest annoucements on this campaign at the Kingdom Rush Steam Page.

We recommend Kingdom Rush fan's also try out Forge of Empires if they are wanting another rewarding free to play kingdom building game. With it's path through many ages and arsenals of history, your job is to build and command a kingdom online as you fight other real players for supreme dominancy of vast lands.

Iron Hide are also due to launch Kindom Rush Frontiers for browser play.

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