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Forge of Empires

forge of empires game

Castle building and defense games rarely grip me in the way that 'Forge of Empires' did: to be able to build a city, conquer a region and follow the development of your civilisation through the ages of man is to be part of gaming greatness.

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars game

Fans of games such as ‘Age of Empires’ and ‘Rise of Nations’ should give this one a go: the mix of resource management, village expansion and the forging of allies with which to battle your enemies is delightfully enticing for fans of the real-time strategy genre.

The World's Greatest Castles

castle classics

There is nothing that says "grand" more than a castle. Though many are happy enough to reside in small modern abodes, there is nothing that quite matches up to the romantic notion of walking through the grounds of these beautiful medieval structures. With the number of breathtaking castles found in countries such as Germany, Poland and France, which of them are worth taking the trip to visit? In our top ten, we list down some unique destinations you wouldn't want to miss

Gemcraft Chapter 2 Chasing Shadows

Gemcraft Chapter 2 Chasing Shadows game

GemCraft: Chasing Shadows main features:

  • More than 140 stages to explore!
  • 25 passive skills you can spend skill points on, every time you level up, you get more skill points to spend, but even unspent points help you by giving mana at the start of battles!
  • More than 300 achievements that give you additional skill points, and a real challenge if you want to get them all!
  • 9 gem types you can freely combine to make gems that suit your tactical needs.
  • 3 battle difficulties and 9 battle traits with 7 levels of toughness each, and 3 battle difficulty tiers - mix them and stack them to fight tough battles for more XP and epic loot!
  • Download Gemcraft Chasing Shadows

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